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Ally Snee's Journey into SDE Group - Embracing Challenges, Building Relationships, and Pursuing Professional Growth

  • Internal New Staff Member
  • Date January 2024
  • Sector Fire Door Installation & Fire Stopping

We extend a heartfelt welcome to our newest team member, Ally Snee. Today, we had the opportunity to sit down with Ally to gain insights into her journey and aspirations at SDE Group.

  1. What inspired your decision to join our company, and what aspects of your new role are you most enthusiastic about?

 Ally expressed her attraction to SDE, drawn by the prospect of utilising and expanding her skill set within a dynamic company. Her excitement stems from applying her experience and developing new skills while collaborating with a seasoned team.

  1. Could you share a bit about your background and the experiences that have shaped your career path so far?

 With a rich background spanning 12 years in the timber industry, Ally has held diverse roles, including Certification Management, Business Development, Fire Door Inspector, and Business Support Manager. Her expertise in Fire Doors aligns with the MOD work she'll be contributing to at SDE.

  1. Based on your initial impressions, how would you describe the company culture at SDE?

Ally perceives SDE as a friendly and professional organisation with a progressive culture.

  1. Are there specific goals or projects in your new position that you're eager to take on?


Ally aims to transition her career by acquiring new skills and experiences, delving deeper into the industry, and expanding her professional network.

  1. How do you envision contributing to the team and making a positive impact within your first few months?

 Leveraging her knowledge of timber and doors, as well as established relationships with suppliers, Ally hopes to add significant value to the SDE Group and its team.

  1. What skills and strengths do you bring to the team that you believe will be valuable in your role?

Ally's confidence, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic make her a dedicated and reliable addition to the team.

  1. Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial. Could you share your strategies for staying motivated and productive?


Ally utilises Microsoft One Note for comprehensive life planning, from childcare to professional tasks, allowing her to stay organised and in control across all aspects of her life.

  1. In what ways do you hope to contribute to the company's broader goals and vision?


Ally's passion for building and maintaining business relationships aligns with her goal of supporting client relationships, contributing to the company's overall vision.

  1. To wrap up on a lighter note, can you share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that your new colleagues might not know?


Ally has completed over seven half marathons and aspires to run a full marathon by the time she turns 40. 

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