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Storage and Interior Design & Fit-out


  • Client CEF
  • Date January 2024
  • Author Multi-Sector
  • Location Chesham

After opening CEF's first ever Customer-Fulfilment-Centre in Dartford in June 2023, work started on CEF's next CFC just two months later in Chesham. Whilst the locality and design of Dartford was very much aimed to supplement and add value to the local branches throughout the Southeast of England and parts of London, the sheer size and services Chesham could have the potential to offer meant a far more thorough and detailed design was undertaken to ensure the site could reach its potential. The size of the building allowed the client to designate to a specific halves of its's warehouse:
-Containment and cables
-Bulk storage and picking

Additionally, one of the key challenges facing such a large organisation such as CEF with over 300 branches across the UK, is areas for stakeholder both internally and externally to stage meetings and showcase their products and services. Therefore, SDE Group worked in conjunction with CEF to design a modern 'Showroom / Social space', designed wow it's audience before even stepping foot into it's warehouse and operations. 

The services included:
- Two-tier mezzanine floor
- Over 1000 bulk storage pallet spaces
- Nearly 200 cable drum storage facilities, capable of taking up to 5 tonnes, a first revolutionary process for CEF
- Containment and stillage storage of up to 3600mm length
- Over 100 bays of small-item storage and picking bays
- Electrical and interior fit-out of multiple offices, meeting rooms, canteens, receptions, toilets and a modern meeting space
- Spatial planning, 3D modelling and visualisations prior to any works starting

CEF Chesham is a fantastic showcase of what SDE Group can offer, not only in terms of our services, but how we work in order to satisfy a customer. Through our flexibility, dedication and personable approach, we  have now provides a huge organisation like CEF a better way to serve the brand's London and Greater London branches with upgraded stock availability, storage capacity and customer service, as well as a modern meeting space to showcase the direction of the business. 

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