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Creative company professional digital engineer modeling 3D mesh while improving geometry.

3D Design

SDE Group offers a creative in-house design consultancy service. Our aim is to provide engaging brand experiences through deriving strategies within a creative process. We deliver innovative interior design through an inspiring 3D visionary service, transforming our creative direction into a delivered concept. We are focussed in exceeding our client's expectations through our ever-evolving design expertise.

Spatial planning

Deriving the design strategy evolves from what we want the 'end-user experience' to be.  We work closely with our client to develop and refine a detailed brief to evolve into an innovative interior concept.

A thorough site survey is taken place and analysed against previous plans.  Our mission is to create innovative designs to meet functional demands.

For any client we establish the right consumer journey based around all research and utilise the building's optimum space and characteristics.

3D Modeling

Fancy a change to your environment, why not have a 3D model created?

A model is a great tool for showcasing the possibilities of what your space could look like - allowing clients to truly understand their space. When working alongside other practices, this allows us to work efficiently using the same software to cross-reference.

We can use our 3D models during client presentations to talk through our proposed designs with our clients. This enables us to focus on any specific details and answer any questions efficiently and effectively

3D Visualisation

Visuals are a fantastic opportunity to allow you to truly understand your space in a three-dimensional perspective. A range of alternate visual styles can be created depending on each client's individual needs. We can provide the following 3D styles:

○ Diagrams

○ Hand Drawn Sketches

○ Computer Generated Sketches

○ Photo-realistic renders

3D Walkthrough

Fully immerse yourself in your design before its built!

To accompany our 3D visualisation service, we offer a 3D walkthrough of your project to engage customers and communicate a thorough insight into the spatial design.

This technology will allow users to view the interiors of a building through a creative and captivating experience.

This service is bespoke to each individual client where you can get a vivid interpretation of the project as a whole and focus on any important details!

360° Virtual tours

Using our latest digital technology, we provide interactive 360° & Matterport virtual tours to allow users to explore and discover their destination without leaving their desk. Our tailored approach will ensure we meet all requirements and is perfect for displaying on desktop & mobile devices.

We offer multiple overlaying features such as:

○ Audio Effects 

○ Personalised Branding

○ Information Labelling

○ Product Detailing 

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