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Energy Solutons

Parts Plus Thurrock

  • Client Parts Plus
  • Date August 2023
  • Sector Energy Solutions
  • Location Thurrock

Project Overview, The solar panel installation project aims to set up a 600-panel solar array system on the premises of Parts Plus Thurrock to generate renewable energy and reduce electricity costs. The installation will be carried out by SDE Group in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

Project Scope:

- Installation of 620 solar panels on the designated area
- Mounting structures for the solar panels
- Inverter installation for converting DC to AC power
- Connection to the existing electrical system
- Testing and commissioning of the solar array system
- Providing necessary documentation and training on system operation and maintenance

Key Benefits:
- Reduction in electricity bills through solar energy generation
- Environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source
- Potential for tax incentives and rebates
- Long-term savings on energy costs
- Positive impact on corporate sustainability

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