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CEF Dartford

  • Client CEF
  • Date October 2023
  • Sector Group
  • Location Dartford

The idea of CEF Dartford was to ultimately support the local branches in the area with a centre which has increased capacity and larger operational scope, which in return would ease the pressure on the large CEF Online site at Biggleswade and ultimately improve the customer journey with products being readily available.

With plans to open more of the CFC’s (Customer Fulfilment Centre) not only around London but eventually Nationwide, the main collective objective of this project was to create a template for the client for what their CFC’s will both look like and operate going forward, and to create the “CEF Look” for their branding going forward.

As part of the fit-out, we provided the client with a brand new Reception with a bespoke “curved” counter with remote access control, which after much trial and tribulation we arrived at the template which is to be used in CFC’s and branches for the future. The interior-fit out also included a managers’ office, kitchen/breakout area and large boardroom.

As previously mentioned, the ultimate goal of the project was to expand the storage capacity of the local branches, so our industrial fitters extended an existing two-tier concrete mezzanine which would store approximately 2000 totes boxes, nearly 80 cable drums, 70 stillages and over 600 pallet spaces, as well as other general storage areas for containment products, LED batons which must be stored horizontally and specific customer orders.

Chris from CEF had this to say...

"This project will enable CEF to enhance it’s customer proposition by offering new services and capabilities. Increased storage space to support our branches with larger call off orders and by effectively using the space at Dartford, this allows us to store more project focussed products and gives us the flexibility to pick and pack them to suit our customers needs.

SDE have been superb to work with, from design through to completion. There are inevitably challenges and hurdles on projects like this, but a true measure of a good partner, is how well these things are dealt with, and SDE are agile and flexible enough to find a solution and deliver on time!"

Despite several challenges throughout the project, we handed over to the client with a great amount of pride and, with ultimately the most pleasing part of the whole project, the customers gratitude and satisfaction.

We can’t wait for the next one…keep your eye of for CEF Chesham!

If you have any questions about an upcoming project you have please get in touch with Elliot at

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